Private cremation allows for only one pet at a time in the cremation chamber with the cremated ashes returned to the client.
A stainless steel identification tag is assigned to your pet upon arrival as a tracking method throughout the cremation process, which includes its placement in the cremation chamber during the cremation process and throughout the packaging stages.
The Cremation Certificate issued contains a seal and an emblem unique to Faithful Friends Pet Crematory only.

Private Cremation includes the choice of 6 complimentary urns plus a cardboard box upon requests

1. A plain cardboard box
2. An octagon metal pet urn with a copper overlay with a paw print on each of the eight sides
3. A Rosewood pet urn with details carved in
4. A square dark brown metal urn with gold paw prints on all sides
*each metal urn has the Rainbow Bridge message
5. An acrylic red heart
6. Square metal blue paw print urn
7. Square metal wildflowers & field urn

You and your family may bring your beloved pet to Faithful Friends during regular business hours to make an appointment or call 607-263-2135. We offer Paw & Nose Prints, Fur Clippings, and Jewelry, as well as, Picture Frames, Keepsakes, Specialty Urns, Scatter Tubes, Pet Memorials, Plaques, Wishing Stones, Blown Glass Memories, Outside Granite Markers are available upon request.