Schedule Communal or Private Pet Cremation in Morris, NY

We'll Give You Room to Grieve

Faithful Friends Pet Crematory Inc in Morris, NY has created a serene, contemplative environment where you can say goodbye to your departed pet. We offer both private and communal pet cremation services. If requested, we can bring in a minister to speak over the animals and give you time in our quiet room to mourn in private.

All private pet cremations include a cremation certificate with a raised seal and emblem unique to the Faithful Friends Pet Crematory. To book an appointment, contact us today.

Choose the type of cremation that works best for your family

We offer two different styles of cremation. These are:

  • Private pet cremation: only one pet at a time is placed in the cremation chamber, and the remains are returned to the clients in a cardboard box or decorative urn
  • Communal pet cremation: several pets are placed in the cremation chamber without provisions for keeping them separated, and the commingled remains are disposed of in a non-recoverable manner

Whichever you select, we'll take great care to treat you and your animal with dignity and respect. Call today to learn more about our services.

The original cremation unit installed at the facility houses three individual chambers, all briefed separately, to insure that if you choose Private Cremation for your pet the ashes returned to you will be your pet's alone. Your choice of Private or Communal Cremation of your pet, will allow you to decide which suits your needs. With the recent addition of another B&L Cremation Retort animals that are larger than most household pets, can now be accepts at Faithful Friends.